Adjustable Webpage Template

Welcome to your very own adjustable web page template. Feel free to make this page your own. To do that you can change the text and illustrations, add new illustratioins and links, change the background color or maybe even add a background, alter the headings, cut, and paste, and experiment. Please save this file to your hard drive as twice, under two different names. You can then open it in either Notepad and Wordpad. It includes not just code but explanations.

a green wrinkly abstract image Here is a paragraph with an image included but aligned to the right. You can use aligned images when signing guestbooks. Aligning images makes your page more decorative and less "scrollie." You can also align images to the left, and yes you can center them. To use larger images you will have to include them OUTSIDE your paragraphs and use <br> which is the code for line break to separate them.

If you would like to put a background on your page, ZOID CITY Sound and Vision is a good starting point. There are many texture tiles all tested to "hold print." And here are some other useful resources:

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