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ZOID CITY Community and Community Competition is a learning community of web site creators. ZOID offers a friendly atmosphere for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and points of view. ZOID features a community mailing list, an openly scored website competition, pages of links, web boards, and interactive stories. If you like what you see, than please join up.

QC-L Forever

The next fighting cycle starts late on the night of May 11. Turnout this time was not enough for voters to earn a thank you gift. Also, I am considering nonrenewal. Please, let's turn this around. To see the scores from last competition, please click here.

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More ZOID Stuff

We have a new in-house puzzle counter. Can you crack it?

There is a fairly neglected list of goodies here.

And we have a Desert Magic Guestbook.

And our theme song is Fallen Leaf by Shayne White.

I think we are still affiliated with IAWC.

Visit the New Cafe

Cafe Utne became New Cafe some time ago. Please visit them for good talk and good times.

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